Why sparc


We understand that you could be concerned about why should utilize our services for your requirements. It is but natural that you logically put these questions to yourself. In an era where there are many others out there offering similar services claiming similar advantages.

SPARCTEAM’s experience in software development has helped it evolve and put in place time tested and proven methodology. These methods translate directly into significant cost savings for the client due to the quality product based development around the world without compromising quality. The quality and cost is associated with development, are directly passed on to our clients.

SPARCTEAM’s projects are delivered by our own team without giving to any other outsourcing companies. The onsite team interacts daily with the client to define requirements, review prototypes and manage scope chSPARCTEAMes. SPARCTEAM’s onsite project lead/ team lead co-ordinates with the SPARCTEAM’s offshore development team. Onsite and offshore teams collaborate on common systems, linked by our global network. The offshore team ensures quality execution with a quality, as well as access to our technology competency centers. Our proven model allows SPARCTEAM’s team members to intensely participate with the client, all through the project life cycle.

Feasibility, study, proposals and contract sign-off will be done onsite after a close interaction with the client’s representatives. After a formal project kick-off, the application requirement study is done onsite. Analysis and application design may take place onside/SPARCTEAM’s development center. Development and testing is done at the offshore development center. The application is implemented at the client location after an acceptance testing. The post-implementation support will be given onsite and as well as offshore center based on the criticality of the issues.

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